Vista VanGoghs Art Club

Vista VanGogh’s is an Art & Photography appreciation club started in Summer Session 2020. We meet regularly to create, discuss, and share art of all forms. We plan to seek out community partners to host art installations throughout Montrose. We welcome fresh ideas and new directions to suit our current membership. You can also create projects that may constitute credit for certain Vista coursework – as deemed appropriate. Contact Mr. Stucki & Mr. McKinnon for details and to join our group. You can also submit school appropriate artwork to our email at [email protected].

Vista VanGoghs Art Club


My inspiration for art comes primarily from outdoor adventures. I enjoy photography, drawing, and abstract art, both 2 and 3 dimensional. I especially like working with my hands to create pieces from odd objects, including random bike parts. You’ll find that most of my art is personal and reflective, therefore rarely on display. I believe everyone is an artist and should feel free to express themselves with an artistic outlet of their desire.
I have been interested in art my whole life having been involved in photography and painting since I was a teenager. I learned how to use Photoshop 15 years ago and was hooked from day one and have produced hundreds of artistic photoshopped images and animations. I have extended that love into filmmaking having produced several short films both personally and in classroom settings.

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