Vista Foodies

Do you like getting creative with food or learning new tricks in the kitchen to impress your friends and family? How about exploring something new or gaining skills that will last a lifetime? Vista Foodies here at Vista Charter School are open to ideas, adventure, and ready to cook up something that will challenge your taste buds!! If you’re interested in working with food or desire to gain skills for employment and beyond, get on board. No experience necessary!!

We will share interactive videos, have live sessions and field trips as much as possible, and integrate our love for food with culture! There is even potential for credit by experiencing something new or sharing your passion for FOOD with others!

If you are interested in joining this program, reach out to Ms. Stucki or Ms. Nancy. You can also let your crew leader know.


Ms. Nancy
Ms. Nancy
Ms. Nancy lives on a ranch with her family. She has a large garden that she tends to.
Ms. Stucki
Ms. Stucki
When I’m not teaching or playing outside, you can find me in the kitchen conjuring up creative cuisine!! I particularly like sourcing( or growing my own) local organic produce and agricultural products to produce healthy and seasonal dishes!! I have been a baker, prep chef, caterer, kitchen manager, server for many fine dining establishments, and a mom of two healthy boys! Cooking, food preservation, and presentation allows my creativity to shine through, even if it is a flop!

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